Kate’s story

For a long time in my life I had become aware that deep within myself there was an emptiness that was not satisfied.

I had everything, husband, children, house, career and a business, but I still did not feel complete or happy deep inside of me.

In August 2003 my life hit rock bottom and for a month found myself searching for someone to help me.  I finally thought that counselling was the only thing to help me.

I shared my problems with my mum, she suggested that I talk to my mother-in-law.  That day came and she told me about the Alpha Course that started the following Tuesday.  Me and my husband went along.

Half way through the course my sister-in-law was baptised and since that day my life changed.  I was touched, blessed and my eyes became open, from then on I began to see what the Alpha Course was doing for me.  I realised that the emptiness I felt was really a longing to know God.

Now the Lord is in my life, I am happy and complete within myself.  I’ve found a whole new life, a peace I can’t describe, and a hope that I can’t hide.

Now I have meaning to life and once I understood this, I began to live with an unshakable certainty that everything I do matters forever, and that the Truth has changed my life for the better!

“God is our refuge an ever present help in trouble” Psalm 46:1