Margarets Story

Margarets Story – The Power of Prayer

In March 2009 a Consultant Neurologist at Southend Hospital diagnosed me with Motor Neurone Disease. This news was devastating, I was told some patients die within 3 months of diagnosis and the average life expectancy was 2 – 5 years. There was no cure and the disease was progressive.

I phoned my Pastor and he suggested that on the next Sunday, the Pastors and Deacons should lay their hands on me, pray for me and anoint me with oil.

Our Senior Pastor had preached some time earlier on 2 Kings ch. 20 v 5

I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears, I will heal you.

The Lord had spoken to me when I heard this and I marked it in my Bible.

On another occasion he preached on

Expect great things from God

 Again the Lord spoke to me. I wrote to my cousin asking her to pray with me for my healing and she replied that she was already praying for this.

I felt I was beginning to get better and when I had EMG tests at hospital in September (muscle strength is tested by placing electrodes on the muscles and connecting them to a computer), the doctor told me he could see no evidence of MND.

My husband –  Alf and I decided to say nothing until my consultant appointment in October. After a full examination and more tests, the consultant told me I was better. He added that this was not possible medically and I told him of the prayer at my church. He agreed that this was the only explanation. Later he wrote to my GP again saying, “the patient puts this miracle down to prayer by her priest and I can only agree with her”

I have been greatly encouraged not only for myself, but also for the many people who have told me that the testimony of my healing has encouraged them to continue in prayer.