Christine’s story

In 1980, living in Rayleigh with my husband and young son, I began to realise that my life was lacking a spiritual dimension. I decided to try astrology, working out people’s character traits from their ‘stars’; I did this quite happily for several months.

In February 1981 we moved to Rochford. Soon after, my parents’ neighbour on Canvey Island was killed driving his truck; his widow went to a clairvoyant who lived nearby. I was interested in this and went to see her myself. I was quite enthusiastic, but my husband who (unlike me) had had a ‘church upbringing’ (even though he was not a Christian) was not very keen on the idea.

I decided to write to an old school friend who I knew was a Christian (she’d visited once or twice with ‘Jesus’ badges on her anorak!). At the same time my husband rang his Christian aunt, Dulcie to seek her opinion on the matter. Both my friend and Dulcie said that this was a dangerous thing, on the fringes of the occult. Dulcie lent us a book “From Witchcraft to Christ” by Doreen Irvine. It was really loaned to my husband, but I read it and I was absolutely amazed by it.