Andy’s Testimony

I started taking drugs when I was thirteen.
I got caught with a shorn off shotgun and before I went to prison a lady said to me “Ask Jesus into your life”.
I got remanded in custody in 1983. I cried out “God if you’re out there help me”. The Holy Spirit came down on me and I was thrown across the cell onto the bed.
I got sent to a detention centre which was very violent. I came out and got in trouble again. I then got sent to a Borstal in Kent. I came out on home leave and I was in my bedroom and felt God say to me “I still care”.
I came out and to cut a long story very short – I ended up on Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Valium and Methadone and became an Alcoholic. My girlfriend of two years – Nicola – died, she was just 35.
I laid on my bed and prayed on News Years Day 2010. I said – “God I’m going to kill myself tomorrow”.
I went to the shops the next day and someone called “ANDY” three times. It was my first girlfriend – Cathy. I’d not seen her for 30 years.
She said “Andy I hear your girlfriend has died. I’m a councillor now – I’m going to help you – Get in my car”. I got in and on the dash board was the nickname – “ANGEL”
I’ve been clean now for 4 years and 5 months