I was born in 1967, I was brought up in a Christian home and I went to Sunday School.

I thought I was a Christian, but I became a real Christian in 1982; after my operation because of the way in which the Lord answered the prayers of all the people at the church.

I don’t know why the operation went wrong but I do know the Lord has helped me to cope with the problem.

The sister on the ward helped me to see that Jesus Loved Me even though I had a real problem to cope with.

I now know that whatever problem one has you only have to ask Jesus to help and he will.

My favourite psalm is Number 23 – the Lord is My Shepherd and the hymn I like is Jesus take me as I am.
I also have a prayer that I would like to share.

Thank you God for everything I’ve experienced here on earth
Thank you for protecting me from the moment of my birth
And thank you for the beauty around me everywhere
The gentle rain and glistening dew, the sunshine and the air
The joyous gift of feeling the souls soft whispering voice that speaks to me from deep within and makes my heart rejoice.
O God no words are great enough to thank you for just living
and this is why every day is a day for real thanksgiving